NXP Vybrid

NXP Vybrid - Computer on Modules

Toradex’ Vybrid based CoMs utilize NXP® (formerly Freescale) Vybrid™ SoCs. The Vybrid SoC series include both single core and multi-cores flavors, based on Arm architecture. At the entry level, the SoC is single core for designing simple applications; whereas the high-end multi-core version is very well-suited for applications with human-machine interfaces and real-time constraints. The Vybrid based modules from Toradex are ideal for developing end-products targeted at diverse industrial applications.

Our modules are based on the NXP (formerly Freescale) Vybrid™ VF5xx, and VF6xx.



NXP Vybrid VF6xx Computer on Module - Colibri VF61
  • NXP® Vybrid™
  • Arm Cortex™-A5, Cortex™-M4
  • 2x-cores, Up to 500 MHz
  • Heterogeneous Multi-core
NXP Vybrid VF5xx Computer on Module - Colibri VF50
  • NXP® Vybrid™
  • Arm Cortex™-A5
  • 1x-cores, Up to 400 MHz
  • Low cost
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