Gusto Controls

Gusto Controls design and manufacture customised embedded systems based control solutions for various specialised applications.

Gusto Controls

There systems are majorly targeted towards medical equipment, industrial laboratory equipment, prototype / small-batch production machinery, handheld & battery powered testing devices, commercial bench-top machinery, etc.

They offer both hardware & software development services as well as manufacturing services for custom carrier boards.

Hardware Services


Carrier Boards, Manufacturing, Product Design

Operating Systems:

Embedded Linux

Gusto Controls offer end-to-end solutions for application-specific embedded control systems based on all Toradex Products.

There scope includes schematic generation, PCB design, PCB manufacturing and production programming.

They have designed custom carriers boards around Colibri modules for OEMs in chemical, pharmaceutical & medical devices.

Based on their experience of designing control systems for various equipment manufacturers, They can also offer insights into peripheral device selection for sensing, motion, RFID, printing, scanning, etc.


Industrial Applications by Gusto Controls featuring custom carrier boards for Toradex SoMs


Software Services


Application Development, Cloud Development, Java, Qt, Training

Operating Systems:

Embedded Linux

Gusto Controls specialize in application development for embedded linux and associated pilot software for Windows/Linux desktop.

Their expertise includes GUI development, web services, control logic development and optimization and custom kernel development.

They have developed software for Toradex Colibri modules deployed in various chemical, pharmaceutical & medical laboratory equipment.


20 Landmark Apt, Mahim Road, Palghar 401404, Maharashtra, India



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