GmbH GmbH is an embedded software engineering company providing technologies and services to manufacturers of industrial products. provides consulting, development, validation and maintenance on the embedded software of devices. The expertise covers software architecture design, firmware and low-level driver development on different CPU technologies, BSP/device drivers and middleware development for Linux and has specific expertise in CODESYS, OPC UA and cybersecurity. GmbH

Services can be offered on any CPU/OS platform but specializes on real-time embedded Linux, SoftPLC, EtherCAT, OPC UA, local AI on Toradex platforms and these services can be extended to the complete firmware, or parts of the firmware.

Software Services


CODESYS, EtherCAT, Machine Learning, OPC UA, OS & Driver Development, Security

Operating Systems:

Embedded Linux have implemented the Matrikon Flex OPC UA stack on the Apalis iMX6 board with their OPC UA server, which an OPC client can connect to. can help porting CODESYS, EtherCAT, Matrikon FLEX OPC UA on other Toradex modules and provide any Linux specific extensions.

Additionally, provides full support for data collection, database and training/execution of customer specific ML solutions. - industrial automation, control systems, OPC UA, AI

CODESYS and Matrikon on Toradex Apalis Module by

Develop Industry 4.0-ready OPC UA-enabled products with Toradex & Matrikon

Joint Projects

  • Matrikon Flex OPC UA stack on the Apalis iMX6
  • Matrikon FLEX OPC UA Server & Client as Torizon container on Verdin iMX8M Mini
  • Industrial Control System with CODESYS and Matrikon
  • Compact, panel and Web PLC versions for Apalix iMX6
  • Video drivers development for video streaming on panels Apalis TK1
  • Hardware specific driver development for IoT device on Verdin iMX8
  • Face detection, face recognition and pose estimation AI models on Verdin iMX8M Plus


An der Stadtmauer 4, Kempten 87435, Bayern, Germany



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