b1 Engineering Solutions

b1 Engineering Solutions is a high-tech engineering services company focusing on high reliability embedded electronics and software for medical devices, automotive applications and industrial automation. With more than 20 years of smart products experience as a one-stop partner, b1 helps their customers to develop new markets and support the connected world.

b1 Engineering Solutions

b1 develops production quality applications for emergency medicine, life support systems and patient monitoring while integrating the latest FPGA technology into your products. Furthermore, they support you in the emerging field of car-to-X communications, telematics, ECU development, e-mobility and infotainment.

Software Services


Application Development, Qt

Operating Systems:

Embedded Linux

For various customers, b1 has selected Toradex modules after a thorough evaluation of alternatives to meet their exceptional high demands on reliability and overall product quality. They have developed disruptive medical devices for applications in emergency medicine and clinical environments by integrating Toradex technology. b1 is holding their ISO13485 certification since many years and just recently passed the external audit for ISO13485:2016 compliance.

In one example, the docking station of a disruptive product that includes a powerful central processing unit and a large high-resolution touch screen is driven by a Toradex module Apalis iMX6Q. Another example is the development of a new generation of life support systems for application in cardiac surgery using Toradex modules.


Baierbrunner Str. 39, München 81379 , Bayern, Germany


Europe, North America

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