acontis technologies GmbH

acontis technologies was founded in 2001 by Christoph Widmann and Stefan Zintgraf. As a leading provider for EtherCAT® software and Windows® Real-time solutions, acontis serves customers in the following sectors: machine builders, medical, semiconductors and robotics. acontis is known for high quality products which are supplemented by professional Training, Support and Software Services.

acontis technologies GmbH

Software Services


Application Development, EtherCAT, OS & Driver Development

Operating Systems:

Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded Compact

acontis provides EtherCAT Master Stack EC-Master out-of-the box for various Toradex Modules on both Win CE and Linux. EtherCAT Configuration & Diagnosis Tool EC-Engineering and integration support are also offered by acontis.


EtherCAT Master Software - from Setup to Application Implementation in no time!


acontis EtherCAT on Toradex SoMs

Joint Projects

  • Physical effect simulation with motion simulators, EtherCAT over slip rings
  • Wire processing machines, multi-axis motion control and EtherCAT
  • Automation solution for measurement, recording and control, ethernet over EtherCAT communication


St.-Konrad-Str. 51, Weingarten 88250, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


Asia, Europe, North America, South America

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