ADTEC Corporation

ADTEC was founded in 1983.

ADTEC Corporation

Business of developing, manufacturing and supplying electronic parts and computer devices.

Mainly dealing with additional memory module and Arm CPU board industrial or personal PC and server, flash memory, and so on.

Focusing on high-end products which require high level skills and the reliability, ADTEC supplies high-quality and high-valuable products based on our original skills of development for various needs from customers.

Hardware Services


Carrier Boards, Manufacturing, Product Design

ADTEC can offer products for hardware, analog, and digital design, which collaborates with our partner requests at reasonable cost.

Software Services


OS & Driver Development

ADTEC can offer customized applications and customized Linux OS,  based on customer request.  We can also provide/offer Yocto training for customers who would want to develop or customize Toradex's Linux OS by themselves.


2-1-17 Tsukiji, Yoko Tsukiji Bldg.7F, Chuo-ku 104-0045, 東京都, Japan



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