EDALab s.r.l.

EDALab s.r.l. is an Italian company born in 2007 and committed in the development of embedded software, software applications and integration of innovative solutions.

EDALab s.r.l.

About 15 young and motivated engineers provide engineering and development services based on the most popular software and hardware technologies, supporting the customers in the innovation process from prototypes to final production.

Modern and innovative solutions are distributed and composed of different kinds of software - firmware, middleware, application, web/cloud and OS. Dealing with all of them, EDALab is an important unique interface for the system engineering and development.

EDALab s.r.l. has customers in many different industries related to technology products and processes. It works very closely with their internal teams, thus playing an important role concerning the training and the technology transfer.

Software Services


Application Development, Cloud Development, OS & Driver Development, Qt

Operating Systems:

Android, eCos, Embedded Linux

EDALab is available for the design and the development of software applications and solution integration based on Colibri and Apalis with Embedded Linux.

Example of software services they provide:
  • OS customization with Yocto and Open Embedded
  • Communication software with industrial protocols like ModBus and others
  • Complex HMI with enhanced UX
  • Middleware for APIs and communication
  • Integration with Cloud services
  • Development of web dashboards for IoT monitoring and process control
  • Development of mobile applications 
Example of projects made in the past that were based on the modern software technologies and on Toradex:
  • IoT Gateway for OEM (Colibri): integrated solution for IoT solution available for OEM and ODM (www.box-io.com
  • Revamping of HMI of industrial devices like solders, ovens and markers (Colibri)
  • Set-top-box for distributed digital signage (Apalis) 


Via Cà Nova Zampieri 12, San Giovanni Lupatoto 37057, Verona, Italy


Asia, Europe

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