Be Reliable and Secure with Torizon & Savoir-Faire Linux | Torizon - Embedded World 2023

Sep 12, 2023 | English

Eloi Bail and Jérôme Oufella, Director of Operations and VP of Technologies at Savoir-faire Linux, joined us at the Toradex booth at Embedded World 2023 to discuss providing our customers with top-tier software support.

We're proud of our strong and reliable Partner Network, and Savoir-Faire Linux is one of our long-standing partners. They provide clients with custom software support for many applications, such as robotics, medical, industrial, and more!

With a strong focus on cybersecurity, they offer open-source solutions inside Yocto, so you can leverage the best of their expert services and our Linux Platform, Torizon, for your embedded projects requiring reliability, security, and robustness.

Learn how to leverage our partnership to accelerate your development process and go-to-market time.

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