Toradex fast boot-up impresses Windows CE expert Douglas Boling

2013년 10월 16일 수요일

TimerWindows Embedded Compact expert Douglas Boling applauds Toradex in his latest webcast - It’s September! Time for “back to school” where he is discussing about developing Windows Embedded Compact 2013 based devices. While mentioning the major players that have BSPs for Windows Embedded Compact 2013, he acknowledges Toradex and goes on to say:

(Toradex) sells an integrated, credit card-sized system which has a system-on-chip and its supporting RAM along with other peripherals that you can put onto almost any system. So, you provide the hardware logic for your extraneous peripherals and they provide all of the smarts on this credit card-sized board along with the turn-key DSP (that they provide).
- Douglas Boling -

Going further, he also praises the Toradex business model and expressed amazement at our world record cold-boot speed:

The Toradex folks have an interesting approach. They provide extraordinarily configurable drivers for their pre-built hardware for which, they feel the binary version of the source code is enough. (They) cold boot in less than half a second. I mean, they are amazing in how fast they boot up.
Douglas Boling - 

You can check out the full webcast here.

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