Carrier Boards - Colibri Arm Family

The Colibri family offers a host of carrier boards, which can be used for engineering development and mass-production of end-products, based on the Colibri family of modules. The Colibri Evaluation Board is ideal for engineering development on Colibri modules as it includes all the interfaces supported by the modules. Furthermore, the Iris Carrier Board, the Viola Carrier Board and the Orchid Carrier Board, come with various form-factors, supported interfaces and price points, thus offering flexibility to the end-users to choose an off-the-shelf carrier board based on the requirements of the end-product.

  ×Colibri Evaluation Board×Iris Carrier Board×Viola Carrier Board×Aster Carrier Board×Colibri Partner Carrier Boards
Colibri Evaluation BoardIris Carrier BoardViola Carrier BoardAster Carrier BoardColibri Partner Carrier Boards
Supported ModulesEntire Colibri FamilyEntire Colibri FamilyEntire Colibri FamilyEntire Colibri FamilyEntire Colibri Family
USB 2.04x Host, 1x OTG/Client1x Host / 1x OTG2x Host, 1x Client (Shared)2x Host, 1x Client (Shared)up to 4x Host
Ethernet10/100 Mbit10/100 Mbit10/100 Mbit10/100 Mbitup to 2x 10/100 MBit
External BusUp to 32 Bit
UART2x RS232, 1x RS422/4853x RS2323x /
3x TTL
2x TTL, 1x USB-UART1x RS-422, 1x RS-485
PWM4x4x4x4xup to 4x
GPIOup to 158up to 26up to 35up to 39up to 24x
Analog Input4x4x4x4xup to 4x
SDIO/SD/MMC1x 4 Bit1x 4 Bit (microSD)1x 4 Bit (microSD)1x 4 Bit (SD/MMC)1x
CAN1x1x (Available with Colibri VFxx and iMX)1x (Available with Colibri VFxx and iMX)Up to 2x
Input / Output      
LEDs4xup to 3x
LVDS1x Single Channel1x Single Channel /
1x Dual Channel
HDMI1x (Through DVI-I connector)1x (Through DVI-I connector)1x
VGA1x1x (Through DVI-I connector)1x (Shared with RGB)1x
RGB1x (18 Bit/24 Bit)1x (18 bit)1x (18 bit)1x (18 bit)1x
Capacitive TouchAdapter required /
Adapter requiredprojected capacitive touch via I2C
Resistive Touch4/5-wire4/5-wire4-wire4-wireup to 4/5-wire
Camera Parallel Interface1x— /
Analog Audio Line in1x (Stereo)1x (Stereo)— /
1x (Stereo)
1x (Stereo)1x (Stereo)
Analog Audio Mic in1x (Mono)1x (Mono)— /
1x (Mono)
1x (Mono)1x (Mono)
Analog Audio Headphone out1x (Stereo)1x (Stereo)— /
1x (Stereo)
1x (Stereo)1x (Stereo)
Type Specific Board ConnectorArduino UNO and Raspberry Pi B+
USB-to-RS232 Transceiver1x1x
RTC on Board1x1x1x (*Not Assembled) /
Included AccessoryMating Power Plug (for X33)
24-way FFC 100mm (for X6)
Mating Power Plug (for X17)
24-way FFC 35mm (for X4)
Altium CAE Data Freely AvailableYesYesYesYes
Supply Voltage7-27V DC6-27V DC5V DC +/- 5%5V DC +/- 5%5 - 36V DC
On-Board Power Supplies5V 5A
3.3V 5A
5V 5A
3.3V 5A
5V (External)
3.3V 3A
3.3V 3A
Size200 x 200 mm100 x 72 mm74 x 74 mm100 x 80 mm
Temperature-10° to +70° C
-20° to +85° C /
-40° to 85° C
-40° to +85 °C /
-40° to +85° C
-25° to +85° C-40° to +85° C
Minimum Product Commitment20302030

* The exact number of supported interfaces depends on the Computer on Module used along with the carrier board. Please check the respective Computer on Module and Carrier Board datasheets for further details.