Visuality Systems

Visuality Systems is the worldwide leader in the development and provision of Server Message Block (SMB) protocol solutions, serving the needs of embedded devices, Java systems, and mobile applications.
Its cutting-edge technology is widely adopted across a diverse spectrum of industries, including IoT & consumer electronics, data management networks, automotive, medical, aerospace & defense, HMI, telecom, banking, robotics, and more. Visuality Systems particularly takes pride in the fact that its software operates in over 340 million high-end printers globally.

Visuality Systems

Software Services


Cloud Connectivity, Consulting, Embedded Software Development, Java, OS & Driver Development, Others

Operating Systems:

Azure RTOS (ThreadX), Embedded Linux, QNX, VxWorks, Windows Embedded Compact

Visuality Systems' Server Message Block (SMB) solutions (libraries, APIs, drivers) are used in a variety of embedded products, Java-based applications, and Storage systems.

Off-the-shelf solutions: YNQ, JNQ, NQ Storage and Porting SMB libraries to other operating systems; consulting on the SMB protocol


HaTamar 3, Yokne'am Illit 2062002, Haifa, Israel


Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Worldwide

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