Christ Electronic Systems GmbH

Christ Electronic Systems GmbH

Christ Electronic Systems GmbH
Alpenstraße 34, Memmingen 87700, Bayern, Germany

Christ-Elektronik GmbH develops and produces Touch Panel PCs, Embedded Computers and Touch Monitors. 85 employees generates a turnover of € 13 Millions per year. Christ-Elektronik GmbH is a part of the Christ Group with more than 1100 employees and 125 years of Company tradition.

Services Offered

Software Services

Services: Application Development, SCADA

Region: Europe

Operating Systems: Windows Embedded Compact

Christ-Elektronik offers a .NET based Visualization Software named VisBee, which can be used by customers to create applications for Touch Panel PCs. Customized and user-friendly HMI and SCADA applications can be developed using this software.

A getting started kit with a Toradex Colibri module is available

Hardware Services

Services: Carrier Boards, Manufacturing, Product Design

Region: Europe

Christ-Elektronik designs Arm based Touch Panels. With an in-house production facility, the company offers flexibility and fast delivery. The company has used various Toradex modules, such as the Colibri T20 in their Touch product:  Touch-it CE Pico-ITX.

Christ Electronic Systems' Industrial Carrier Boards and HMI Designs, featuring Toradex

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