KOAN is an Italian company specialized in software projects for embedded systems, providing consulting and training services, focused on Embedded Linux and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS). KOAN has been contributing to Openembedded since 2009 and is Yocto Project Participant since 2012.
KOAN provides Yocto Project technical support and professional linux embedded development, consultancy and training services combining the freedom of open source software with the security of full commercial support.


KOAN is also offering software consulting and development for Linux embedded systems focused to the following aspects :

  • System Integration: Putting newest solutions based without distinction on Open Source or proprietary
  • BSP development: Customization of the whole linux system starting from the boot process to the kernel, integrating software components in the filesystem
  • Cross Platform Software Development and Porting: C/C++ cross platform software development
  • Kernel Device Drivers: Device drivers for various hardware, I2C, SPI, USB, etc.

Software Services


Application Development, OS & Driver Development, Training

Operating Systems:

Embedded Linux

The objective of KOAN's courses is to provide participants a complete technical preparation that puts them in the position to managing the job or the whole project in autonomy.
Training courses provides high quality training in embedded Linux systems development. Courses include plenty of hands-on training for a rich experience. This allows students to practice the skills needed to successfully develop, test, and integrate complex embedded system software.
Courses are in Italian or English language, available also at customer premises worldwide.
All courses will be organized using desktop systems based on Ubuntu linux as Host system.

Toradex Bootcamp with Colibri iMX7 - This training offers participants with a in-depth understanding of Embedded Linux with Yocto Project running on Colibri iMX7.

KOAN offers the following courses:


Joint Projects

  • Training - Embedded Linux with Yocto Project
  • Custom Embedded Linux Distributions
  • Fully customized Linux images for Toradex SoMs
  • Software-specific driver development for IoT device on Toradex SoMs
  • Trusted bootchain implementation for Toradex SoMs
  • (F)OTA services implementation for Toradex SoMs


Piazza Varsavia 14, BG 24128, Bergamo, Italy


Asia, Europe, North America, South America

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