Windows Embedded Compact

Windows Embedded Compact, also formerly known as Windows CE (Win CE), is a real-time, small foot-print operating system. This OS is ideal for building embedded products targeted for variety of industrial applications. The gamut of built-in tools and technologies accelerates time-to-market and enhanced user-experience for embedded products.

Windows Embedded Compact 7 / 2013

Provides an interactive interface to the GPIOs on our modules

Colibri Monitor

Shows the usage of the CPU/RAM, thread running, thread priority, etc.

Colibri Tweak

Free tool which allows you to adjust a lot of system parameters of the Colibri modules


Updates the WinCE Image, bootloader, splash screen and many more


Automatically runs any .exe or .Ink file found in an AutoRun folder


Synchronizes the system time with the RTC chip

More Tools

We offer free software libraries for additional features including Camera Interface, SPI, PWM, I2C, CAN and cloud connectivity. These libraries provides an abstraction over the hardware-specific device drivers, and thus application development becomes easy. Free downloads here.

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