Coffee with Toradex CEO, COO and CMO

Nov 18, 2021 | English

Through innovation, Toradex performs market-leading integration of hardware, software and services to reduce complexity, time-to-market, risk and costs for its customers. Toradex's offerings are an ideal fit for applications in the healthcare, industrial automation, test & measurement, smart city, transportation sector, and more, 

At Toradex, employees are placed front and center - as part of the company’s innovative approach focused heavily on transparency and employee empowerment. Watch Charbax's chat with Stephan Dubach (Co-founder), Samuel Imgrueth (CEO) and Daniel Lang (CMO) in a free-flowing interview set against a gorgeous locale close to the Toradex headquarters in Switzerland.  The company is always on the lookout for talent and offers a multi-cultural work environment that is fast-paced, collaborative and rewarding. Learn more or apply to join the Toradex team at

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