Beyond Development:

Date: October 26, 2021

Modern product development doesn’t end when your first devices leave the factory. Device monitoring & over-the-air updates allow for improving customer experience, resolving bugs, addressing security issues, and even delivering new add-on features after devices are deployed. Yet challenges abound from the increasing demands of connectivity, security and scalability.

In this webinar, we discuss these fleet-scale challenges and how they're tamed by DevOps practices - embracing agility and continuous delivery to bridge development & operations. We consider the full technology stack: computing hardware, operating system, applications and cloud services, including over-the-air updates and fleet monitoring. And we introduce Torizon, a Linux-based industrial IoT platform that simplifies the development, maintenance, and operation of your distributed edge devices.

Key Takeaways
  • Learn modern approaches to manage the challenges of sustained development & operation of distributed & connected embedded systems
  • Learn how Torizon Platform helps solve these problems with secure device updates & monitoring
  • Get an exclusive view into the future of Torizon
  • Learn more about Torizon

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