Why containers aren’t just for hipsters!

Date: September 23, 2020

Curious about the hype around software containers in the embedded and IoT industry? Here’s your chance to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of containers from the Toradex point of view. Toradex has been developing hardware and software solutions for the embedded/IoT market for more than 15 years and has deployed millions of devices in thousands of applications.

As a case study, we look at Torizon - an open-source easy-to-use industrial Linux platform. Torizon utilizes Docker software containers. We also look at how this affects the performance, development workflow, security, and maintainability of embedded Linux based systems.

An exciting inclusion in this webinar video is the demo!

Key Takeaways
  • Learn how containers work and why it makes sense to use them also to run applications on embedded devices
  • Learn how containers can change and improve, the way software is developed, packaged and deployed to devices
  • See how you can use containers to quickly build complex and reliable solutions

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