Lightning Webinar:
Get your ideas off the drawing board with Node-RED

Date: September 3, 2020

Node-RED is a Node.js-based programming tool that allows you to develop your applications as visual flows. By organizing and connecting blocks, you can have access to hardware interfaces, web services and even customized JavaScript code.

All of this makes Node-RED interesting and accessible even for people who are not experienced in programming, since this tool is used via an intuitive, browser-based editor. Node-RED showcases itself as a great alternative for developing proofs-of-concept, quick prototyping or even for solving punctual issues.

To get started with this tool, watch our webinar video! We show you how to take your first steps with Node-RED on an embedded system, from installing it on Torizon, the easy-to-use embedded Linux platform from Toradex, to developing your own flow - a Node-RED program - to read sensors and send data to the cloud – and all this in just under 30 minutes!

Key takeaways:
  • Running Node-RED as a container on Torizon
  • Key Node-RED features
  • Intro to building your own flow
  • Building a flow to read sensors and send the data to the cloud

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