Getting Started with Yocto

Date: January 22, 2021

Getting Started with Yocto: Meeting the challenge of Embedded Linux deployment

  1. Are you involved with creating Linux-based systems for embedded technology?
  2. Are you interested in finding out what Yocto is and how it can help with the challenge?

Then start here...

This webinar investigates how a minimal Linux system can be extended to include custom, packaged software. We demonstrate how standard Linux tools, such as gdbserver or the Target Communication Framework agent (TCF agent), drop out of the build system and can be used in a stand-alone SDK. In the process, key concepts of the Yocto Project build system such as recipes, tasks and layers will be introduced. A board from the Toradex Colibri Arm family of SoMs will be used as an example platform.

The webinar covers the following topics:
  • Managed Linux distributions
  • The Yocto build system
  • Creating custom software packages
  • Application development and systems development SDKs
  • Example BSP support

The webinar recording has been made available by Doulos. Kindly register here to view the webinar recording.

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