Python -
Everything is an Object

Date: August 25, 2023

Python - Everything is an Object

Python has become an incredibly popular language in the last few years, doing everything from automating design flows, data analysis, and even just being a general "glue" that translates one dataset into another. For most everyday tasks, it "just works." But, sometimes you can be caught out when something unexpected happens, especially if you are used to other programming languages such as C, C++, C#, or Java.

In this webinar, ​Dr. Des Howlett and Loïc Domaigné of the Doulos Senior Technical Staff will show you how all parts of Python have a lot in common, whether they are variables, classes, class objects, or functions.

We will see what happens when a variable is assigned, functions are called, and when generators yield new values. This will help you adjust any mental map you acquired from other languages and perfect your Python skills.

The webinar will be part theory and part practical demonstration. At the end, you will be able to download a Jupyter Notebook, which you can run yourself and continue your investigations into the inner workings of this very powerful language.

Are you ready to take the leap to Python?

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