Ethernet Compliance Testing at Toradex


EthernetToradex offers robust and reliable embedded systems, which are required to work continuously in harsh environments. Ethernet is one of the most important interfaces for the Internet of Things (IoT). We will review some Ethernet standards and show you how Toradex tests for compliance with them.

A new self-serve edge AI platform for building smart on-device solutions


XnorXnor just released access to hundreds of deep learning models that can be easily embedded in your Toradex board with a couple of lines of code.

AI traditionally depended on expensive hardware running in the cloud, which has dramatically limited its use to just a few large companies. Even with the available tools, building AI products required extensive knowledge in deep learning to design, train, and implement solutions for a host of constraints, including power, memory, and latency rendering development for on-device AI near impossible.

Arm Cortex-A35 性能对比


Arm Cortex-A35Toradex 即将开启 Colibri iMX8X 计算机模块早期体验计划。其配备 NXP 新的 i.MX 8X 处理器,也是 NXP® i.MX 8 产品线中唯一使用了 Arm® Cortex-A35 核心。在本文中,我们将向您介绍这款新的处理器以及性能对比。

Toradex Colibri iMX7低功耗演示板硬件


ColibriCarrier Board这是 4 篇系列博文关于锂电池在嵌入式系统应用的第 4 篇,介绍 Toradex Colibri iMX7低功耗演示板硬件。我们将通过这个演示板展示锂电池应用的可用方案。

USB 充电


ColibriCarrier Board

本文是 4 篇系列博文关于锂电池在嵌入式系统应用的第 3 篇。继续阅读了解 USB 充电的概况和注意事项。



ColibriCarrier Board这是嵌入式系统中锂电池的应用系列的第二篇文章,本文将阐述电池管理系统。

How to Build Edge Devices with a Strong Industrial IoT Data Management Framework


ColibriIoTThe Internet of Things, IoT, is inviting devices to change our lives. When it comes to the industrial aspect of IoT, devices assist in managing processes during which alarm management adds value to predict faults and catastrophes. Things are getting embedded with and controlled by smart devices that come together to automate tasks, so we can maximize our time.

At the same time, developers and manufacturers of embedded systems and devices need to prepare and keep up with this new trend and build systems that answer the demands of markets and introduce new innovations, which at its core relies on one common thing: data management.



ColibriCarrier Board本文将是4篇系列文章的第一篇,这里我们将向你介绍在嵌入式系统中锂电池的应用概况。本文将关注电池充电和管理系统,并考虑安全性。希望通过我的逐步解释锂电池的基本特性,能为您提供有用的提示和参考链接。很快你将有信心开始使用锂电池的项目。



Colibri树莓 Pi 和 Arduino 或许是创客运动的最重要的标志。毫无疑问,是它们这些电子硬件激发和鼓舞了正在改变世界的创客运动! 继续阅读了解如何借助创客生态系统改善工业嵌入式系统开发。

Amazon FreeRTOS,异构核心以及全新的 Apalis 和 Colibri iMX8


Amazon FreeRTOSFreeRTOS 是针对嵌入式设备的实时操作系统。从 2003 年开始开发,FreeRTOS 已经成为了实时操作系统的市场领导者,被移植到超过 40 种微处理器架构。在 2017 年 10 月 29 日,Amazon 收购了 FreeRTOS 并发布 Amazon FreeRTOS (又名 a:FreeRTOS),基于 FreeRTOS的实时操作系统内核,专注于低功耗和互联设备。

Qt for Automation 介绍


Qt当下工业 4.0 和 IIoT 带来了一系列新的挑战。将会有越来越多的在线设备生成更多的数据,这反过来会导致应用更加的复杂。整个环境将会以更快的速度发生变化,包括设备状态、基础设施、应用复杂度和开发。继续阅读 The Qt Company 客户博文。 

Starting with OpenCV on i.MX 6 processors


ColibriApalisComputer vision (CV) has been a field of study that is expanding its boundaries every day. This blog post is an introduction to the use of computer vision in embedded systems, by employing the OpenCV 2.4 and 3.1 versions in Computer on Modules (CoMs) equipped with NXP's i.MX 6 processors. The CoMs chosen were the Colibri and Apalis families from Toradex.

Creating graphical interfaces for embedded Linux with Electron


ColibriCurrently, graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are used in a large number of embedded projects. GUIs allow users to interact with digital devices through graphical elements like icons and other indicators present on the screen. Good GUIs are important for embedded devices, as they improve ease of use and help users to understand a device’s operation more readily.

In the current market, there are many tools to create GUIs, such as Electron, a framework for creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS. In this blog post, we will install Electron on a Toradex Colibri iMX6 module, run some basic sample programs to evaluate the software and lastly, develop a basic GUI using Node.js, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

使用云加速 Yocto 编译


云服务技术已经形成多年。现在行业中一个最大的概念就是物联网,又称为 IoT。我们作为电子工程师,脑海中出现的第一个印象是将许多设备连接到云,上传数据用于可视化、存储和分析。当然,也可以有许多其他的应用。

有一件事我们经常会忽略,云不仅仅是 IoT 工具,或者只是大公司才能使用的东西。我们还可以用其处理日常事物。事实上这就是本文背后的动机,处理耗费的时间的任务,并用云进行简化。

Considerations on usage of Computer on Modules for applications inside emergency response vehicles


In this guest blog post, Diamond Systems explains considerations to use Computer Modules for an application inside an emergency response vehicle. Diamond Systems is a valued member of the Toradex Partner Network providing off-the-shelf ready-to-use Carrier Boards for Toradex Modules.

基于 Apalis iMX6 计算机模块的可定制化嵌入式 3D 环视一站式解决方案



在该博文中,我们的合作伙伴 TES Electronic Solutions GmbH 将介绍一种基于 Toradex Apalis iMX6 计算机模块可定制化嵌入式 3D 环视一站式解决方案,对于对应车辆特殊的需求可以快速地集成。

WannaCry 网络攻击对 WinCE 的影响


Windows您很有可能已经听说关于最近 WannaCry cyber attack 网络攻击。随着 IoT 的普及,越来越多的嵌入式设备都接入了网络,安全也就成了最大的关切。在 WannaCry 出现之后,安全需求出现了激增,特别是 Windows CE/Windows Embedded Compact 用户。这篇博文介绍我们的观点。

Apalis TK1 运行 Android 7.1


Android Nougat本博文中,我们的合作伙伴 Antmicro 针对 Toradex Apalis TK1 介绍全新的 Android 7.1,借助高性能的 TK1 计算机模块提供熟悉的、最新的 UI 体验,并可以方便地嵌入到您的产品中。

利用异构多核处理器开发嵌入式应用入门 - 编译和部署应用到 在 Cortex-M 上其实很简单!


这是揭示利用异构多核处理构架 SoC 开发嵌入式系统的系列文章。通过实际操作和一些案例演示,你可以快速地开始开发。

关于 Flash 存储,你应该知道的一些事情


Flash StorageFlash 存储问题总是在我们技术支持渠道位列榜首。Toradex 投入了大量资源保证存储尽可能的稳定。然而,了解一些关于存储的基本知识还是十分重要的。首先你需要知道存储是否磨损,当往内置的存储设备上写入大量数据后,你就很容易损坏它。通过这篇博文,我们想要告诉你 Flash 存储可能会遇到的一些问题。