NXP i.MX 95 - Technical Deep Dive - NPU, ISP, Security, Safety

Apr 2, 2024 | English

Join Manish Bajaj, a System Architecture Engineer at NXP, and Olivier Bloch, an IoT Advisor, for an exclusive in-depth exploration of the innovative i.MX 95 Applications Processor.

In this in-depth video, you will learn about the story of why NXP developed its Neural Network processor (NPU) and Image Signal Processor (ISP). Discover how the NPU's performance in real-world applications stands out from previous NXP products like the i.MX 8M Plus.

Learn how to utilize the Edgelock security features to protect your AI models. Manish also explains what safety by design means and how the real-time safety domain works. You will also learn how the Flex Architecture allows you to achieve low power consumption even when the SoC is extremely powerful, such as the i.MX 95. Manish will also share insights on how you can kick-start your projects with Toradex i.MX 95 Verdin EVK and migrate from an existing Verdin System on Module designs.

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