New Release:
Torizon IDE Extension for VS Code 1.3.0

Montag, 30. August 2021


We are pleased to announce the Torizon IDE Extension for VS Code 1.3.0 for Toradex's System on Modules. This is a stable release. If you prefer to get updates more often so that you can use the latest features, please opt for our early access version.

Application development on Torizon, our DevOps platform, is simplified through our IDE extensions. You can create a C/C++, Python, or .NET project with just a few clicks. The deployment to the board, OS and SDK creation and cross-development environment are ready-to-use.

Updates and Highlights

  • Experimental Uno Platform templates added
    The Torizon Uno Platform Integration delivers a better and easy experience for creating Uno Platform solutions using UWP, XAML and C# for Embedded Linux GUI applications. Get started with our experimental support.
  • Add template for .NET 5 for arm32 devices
    You can create .NET 5 projects for Colibri iMX6 and Colibri iMX7 from the templates provided for .NET. Up to this release, only .NET Core 3 was supported.

  • Use tag instead of ID for generated Dockerfile
    It is possible to generate or, in other words, export a Dockerfile from a VS Code project. In the previous version of the extension, the Dockerfile would use an ID on the base Docker image, instead of a tag. This was confusing since it is more common to use tags.

  • Array item deletion in configuration panel fixed
    The configuration panel in the Torizon tab had a bug that prevented deleting an item from an array. This has been fixed and you can now delete items from arrays.
  • Command to reload the project in a container is fixed (C/C++)
    C and C++ projects must be run in a container since they require an SDK. A bug that prevented those projects from properly reloading has been fixed.

  • Several bug fixes
    Browse through the bug fixes and new features in our issue tracker.

Get more updates on this from our Release Notes.

Hardware Support

The hardware support for the IDE Extension for VS Code follows the TorizonCore hardware support. Read the news TorizonCore 5.3.0 Quarterly Release to learn more.

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