How to add Bluetooth support to a Windows CE system

Thursday, June 26, 2014

WindowsIt is noteworthy that Bluetooth support can be added to a Windows CE system running on Toradex Computer modules, although this is not included in the standard image.

All you need is familiarity on working with the Windows CE Platform Builder, and you can add Bluetooth support by yourself. It is important to note that, for USB Bluetooth devices using HCI transport layer, we provide USB Bluetooth Flash installers to add Bluetooth support to a standard Toradex Windows CE BSP.

Recommended Bluetooth Adapters

At the moment, we are in the process of testing several products to find the most viable solution for our customers. There will be a list of tested and recommended Bluetooth adapters in the future.

Bluetooth Adapter Suppliers

It is important to note that there are several suppliers for Bluetooth adapters with different interfaces. The following list provides an overview of such possible products. Please note that these products are not tested or verified by Toradex, unless specifically stated.


  • Ambicom BT2000-CF
  • ANYCOM CF-300


Any USB dongles based on the CSR BlueCore4 chipset (BC04) works with the MS WinCE USB Bluetooth Stack.

  • DeLOCK USB Bluetooth Adapter EDR 80m/150m [1]
  • Sitecom CN-512/520/521 [2]

We provide USB Bluetooth Flash installers to add Bluetooth support over USB HCI transport layer.

Note: It is imperative to understand that the external USB Bluetooth device only has to have a HCI-Layer, and nothing more. It may be possible to deactivate higher firmware in the adapter (like in the WT12 module from Bluegiga).


  • WiBear11n-DF1 supports WLAN and Bluetooth in a single module (tested in Win CE 6/7) [here] Note: Ensure that BT/WLAN muti-functions driver registry key is set to 1 to make WLAN/BT to work ,If set to 0 then only WLAN works.


  • Bluegiga [3]
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