New Release:
TorizonCore 5.1.0 Production Release (Quarterly)

Monday, January 18, 2021


We are pleased to announce the TorizonCore 5.1.0 quarterly release for Toradex's System on Modules.

TorizonCore is our operating system that powers Torizon, an open-source software platform that simplifies the development and maintenance of embedded Linux software. It is designed to be used out-of-the-box on devices requiring high reliability, allowing you to focus on your application and not on building and maintaining the operating system.

Torizon uses software containers, making it simple to add functionality to your system in a way that is both secure and easy to maintain. Torizon supports hardware acceleration in containers and graphical user interfaces.

This is a production release that includes all updates done for the previous 5.x.y TorizonCore monthly releases. Here are some updates since the last monthly release:


  • The default polling frequency of the OTA update client changed from 10 seconds to 300 seconds
    Since TorizonCore is a ready-to-use distribution, we have opted for a polling period of 5 minutes. It reduces the load on the CPU and the usage of data, which is especially important on network bandwidth-constrained devices. You can easily change this configuration and generate your own custom TorizonCore image using the TorizonCore Builder Tool, which is the recommended method for doing TorizonCore customization.
  • GStreamer Debian Packages are available in the Toradex Debian Feed
    On Torizon, our SoMs based on the NXP® i.MX 8 family use the NXP downstream kernel. It implies that NXP provides various optimizations - available on the i.MX Linux Release Notes - and therefore, the GStreamer packages for the platform must be compiled apart from the regular GStreamer sources.
  • Debian containers to evaluate the Real-Time (PREEMP_RT) support
    Our TorizonCore builds with the PREEMPT_RT patch are in their early days. We have released Debian containers to validate it. You can run those tests by yourself and check if the results are good enough for your own application use case.
  • TorizonCore Builder applies overlays using the overlays.txt file
    As a customer, when you use TorizonCore Builder to apply device tree overlays, the edits done to the overlays.txt file will be transparent. This update aims to align the mechanism used to handle device tree overlays in the BSP/Reference Images for Yocto Project and TorizonCore, keeping it consistent across our Embedded Linux platforms. For more information, read the articles Device Tree Overlays (Linux) and Device Tree Overlays on Torizon.
  • Disable loading device tree overlays on U-Boot
    During the initial phase of evaluation, you can directly edit the file overlays.txt on the board, without making use of the TorizonCore Builder. With this new feature, if you accidentally add a wrong overlay that breaks the boot process, you can set the U-Boot environment variable skip_fdt_overlays to 1, which will lead to ignoring overlays.txt and successfully booting. Keep in mind, though, that after the phase of evaluation, we strongly recommend that you use the TorizonCore Builder to apply device tree and device tree overlay updates.
  • Build TorizonCore with Yocto using a container based on CROPS
    TorizonCore is meant to be used as a binary distribution, without the need to recompile it from source using Yocto. For instance, we recommend the TorizonCore Builder Tool for customization. Nevertheless, TorizonCore itself is built with Yocto and, as an open-source project, you are allowed to build it from source by yourself, and for some corner cases, it may even be required. To make it easier, we provide a container that builds TorizonCore with Yocto.
  • Several bug fixes
    The quarterly releases are production versions. During a feature-freeze period, we make sure that they are well tested and that all critical bugs are fixed before the release. Learn more about our release types in our Embedded Linux Support Strategy.

Get more updates on this in our Release Notes.

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