WinCE Image and bootloader V4.1beta1 for Colibri PXAxxx modules released

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WindowsColibri PXA320 Computer On ModuleToradex have released a new version of the Windows CE5 and CE6 BSP and Bootloader for the Colibri PXAxxx Computer on Module family. The current version is V4.1beta1. The BSPs and binary images are ready to download at:

This update includes additional features, improvements, and bug fixes.

One new feature is the Debug Message Buffer which allows the user to view the debug messages generated by the bootloader and Windows CE image through a tool directly on the running device rather than attaching a serial port and capture the messages through a terminal program on a PC. For more information about this feature please take a look at the respective knowledge-base article:

The following links provide all changes for the current version:

Bootloader V4.1beta1 change log:

Windows CE V4.1beta1 change log:

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