New Release:
Windows Embedded Compact 1.4b2 image and BSPs for iMX6 modules

Thursday, June 21, 2018


We are pleased to announce the Windows Embedded Compact 7 & 2013 image and BSPs, 1.4b2 release for Apalis iMX6 and Colibri iMX6 modules.

Key updates in this release include:
      • Improved boot time with asynchronous driver loading
      • New version of OpenGL drivers
      • Support for 2D acceleration for Windows GUI applications
      • Bug fixes and minor improvements

Note: Registry format has been changed and the image cannot load a registry that has been saved using previous releases. Please export/re-import registry settings when doing the update.

Get more updates on this release in our Release Notes.

Download Information

You can download the Windows Embedded Compact 7 & 2013 images from our WinCE iMX6 BSP page on our developer website.

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