Verdin Development Board

The Verdin Development Board is a fully featured carrier board providing easy access to all features of the Verdin family.

Verdin Development Board


The Verdin Development Board is a fully featured carrier board providing easy access to all features of the Verdin family. It is an ideal platform for hardware development and integration. The board is compatible with all current and future Verdin modules.

Be it USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, MIPI DSI, MIPI CSI or PCIe: the board provides access to Verdin high-speed interfaces. Transceivers for CAN, RS-232 and RS-485 let you connect industry-standard interfaces directly. Built-in UART to USB transceivers allow you to monitor and communicate with UART interfaces via USB - in a simple and convient way, without any additional cables and accessories.

The jumper section lets you interface your hardware directly and try out non-standard pin multiplexing options. Full access to the Module-specific pins of Verdin SoMs lets you leverage all unique features of those modules.

With the Verdin Development Board, you can try out different power control concepts, from the simplest to the most advanced ones - including granular power control of each peripheral.

Toradex provides integrated debugging features compatible with many common development tools (e.g. Visual Studio Code). JTAG is accessible via a standard JTAG pin header or via an FTDI JTAG to USB converter.

Several display adapter boards will be available to support HDMI, LVDS, DSI and Parallel RGB display interfaces (a Verdin DSI to HDMI Adapter is included with Verdin Development Boards).

The complete design documentation - including validated PDF schematics, Altium project files (schematics, layout and IPC-7351 compliant component libraries), Bill of Materials (BOMs) - is freely available for download from our developer website. The project files are a good starting point for your own design. They demonstrate how the Direct Breakout technology makes it incredibly easy to implement leading-edge interfaces with minimal risk and effort.

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Verdin Development Board
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Connectivity: USB 3.0: 2x USB-A (Host), USB 2.0: 1x USB Micro-B (OTG), 2x Gigabit Ethernet, 4x I2C, 1x SPI, 3x PWM, 4x ADC, 2x CAN, Up to 109x GPIOs

Multimedia: Audio out: 1x (Stereo), Audio in: 1x (Stereo), 1x S/PDIF In / Out.

Physical: 6-27V DC Supply Voltage, Size: 250mm x 200mm

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