Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi Compatible Pin Headers

Aster is a carrier board for the Colibri Family of computer-on-modules. Aster has been designed to allow fast prototyping and evaluation of solutions using industry proven Colibri SoM pin compatible product line. The board has headers compatible with Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi (RPi) maker board, thus enabling users to use a huge variety of third party shields/add-on boards. Developers can easily and quickly evaluate peripherals, sensors and proof of concepts before starting the product carrier board design.

JTAG for convenient Heterogeneous Multicore Systems Development

Aster exposes a JTAG interface for convenient development and debug Heterogeneous Multicore Systems like the Colibri i.MX7 or Colibri VF61. In many cases it can be powered directly via USB micro connector and an integrated Serial To USB converter reduces the additional required hardware to get started to an USB micro cable.
As with all Toradex Carrier Board full design data including the complete Altium Design Project files are available.
The size of the board is 100mm x 80 mm.