Ciclo de vida prolongado até 2025 para os computadores em módulo Colibri T20, T30 e Apalis T30

quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2014
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Toradex is very pleased to announce the extended product availability of Colibri T20, Colibri T30 and Apalis T30 until the year 2025.

This is a result of NVIDIA’s long term commitment to their customers and the very successful and widespread introduction of Toradex’s Tegra-based Colibri and Apalis product lines to the embedded market. 

In addition to extending the availability timeframe of their products, NVIDIA also announced an industrial temperature version of their Tegra T30 chip. Toradex is therefore very much looking forward to providing customers with industrial temperature versions (-40° to 85° Celsius) of Colibri T30 and Apalis T30, as soon as these IT graded chips are available for manufacturing.

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