New Release:
Windows CE 6.0, Windows Embedded Compact 7 & Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Release V1.0 for Toradex Vybrid Modules

terça-feira, 14 de outubro de 2014


We are pleased to announce the Windows CE 6.0, Windows Embedded Compact 7, and Windows Embedded Compact 2013, V1.0 release for our Colibri Vybrid modules: Colibri VF61 and Colibri VF50.

The notable updates in this release are:

      • Support for XGA 1024x768 resolution at 32BPP on VF61 and, in general, better support for high resolutions and refresh rates that were limited by memory bandwidth
      • I2C driver no longer drives CPU usage to 100% if the I2C lines are not pulled-up
      • Serial port no longer freezes if small packets are sent (3-7bytes)
      • Users and passwords configured on the devices are saved and available after a reboot
Read more on the updates on this release here: Vybrid Release Details


Download Information 

You can download the images, BSPs, and sample OS Designs from the following link:

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