Add USB-C to your next carrier board design!

Date: September 02, 2022

USB-C is not just a smaller connector that you finally do not have to plug in three times because you tried it upside down.

You need additional components to implement a compliant USB-C port on your carrier board. USB-C power delivery gets so much better, but unfortunately also a bit more complicated.

On the latest Toradex Carrier Boards, several connectors have been replaced with USB-C. It might be time to replace them also on your next design.

Peter Lischer, a Toradex HW expert, provides you with tips and tricks and answers your technical questions.

Key Takeaways:
  • Overview of the different USB-C solutions
  • Learn about USB-C power delivery
  • Learn why new terms like DRP, DRD, UFP, and DFP are now used
  • Learn the difference between an active and passive USB-C cable and how adapter cables work
  • Learn about helpful tricks and possible pitfalls

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