Embedded Linux for Arm Architecture - Part 1: Getting Started with Linux (in Brazilian Portuguese)

Date: March 16, 2017

Note: The webinar is held in Brazilian Portuguese.

In recent years, Linux has been considered as the most used operating system in embedded systems. This position is justified owing to its versatility, as it is OpenSource and collaborative for the huge developer community, and by its ability to be configured and used in different processor architectures. Learning how to configure and use this OS is a fundamental skill for the development of safe and quality embedded platforms, however, learning the technology is sometimes costly and time-consuming.

The purpose of this webinar is to accelerate learning, present and discuss basic principles for starting a Embedded Linux project and clearly explain the recurring doubts in this universe as well as demonstrate some practical and live procedures for the attendees.

The webinar will be held in two parts, the first part will entail:
  • What advantages can embedded Linux bring to your product?
  • Basic structure of Embedded Linux (U-Boot, kernel and file system and device tree)
  • Build System (Yocto / OpenEmbedded / buildroot) how to get started?
  • Compiling only the kernel or U-Boot
  • Toradex standard image
  • How to install an image using the U-Boot itself?
  • How to install the image when I do not have U-Boot (Recovery Mode)?

Watch part-2 of this webinar.

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