Windows 10 IoT Core

Windows® 10 IoT Core is a new offering from Microsoft® supporting Arm®-based CPUs.

  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
    It allows you to run the same UWP application on embedded an Arm device than on a Windows 10 based computer. It does not support any legacy “Desktop” applications and does not come with the X86 emulation.
  • Visual Studio
    The latest Visual Studio can be used as a development environment which provides a feature-rich and convenient way of programming and debugging applications in C#, VB, C++, HTML, JavaScript and more.
  • Azure® IoT/Azure IoT Edge
    Simple way to connect Azure IoT or bring intelligence back to the edge with Azure IoT Edge.
  • Security
    Advanced customizable security and updated functionality.

Windows 10 IoT Core does have 10 years' long-term availability provided by Microsoft.

Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit

In 2016, Toradex released a Windows 10 IoT Core Technical Preview, for our Colibri T30 modules. You are still able to download the image and test it, but note that it is outdated; we don’t put any effort into further development at the moment, nor do we have resources to provide technical support.

We want your feedback!

Toradex is currently evaluating if we should add Windows 10 IoT Core to our supported operating systems.

Based on the memory requirements, the following Toradex modules could possibly be supported:

We would love to learn about your use case and why you think Windows 10 IoT Core is a good fit for your application.

Please get in touch with us via the form below, we are also happy to set up a phone call.

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Video - Windows 10 IoT Core Introduction

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