Benefits of Shifting Cloud Data Management and Processing to Powerful Edge IoT Devices

Date: September 25, 2019

Part 3: Hardware Environment for IoT Data Management

The webinar video is available in 4 parts

Device data management is critical to the success of building high performance, intelligent systems. Data processing, analysis, security and distribution will make, or break, your IoT strategy when applications stream and manage a large quantity of real time data.

In this webinar, ITTIA introduces simple options for devices to store, manage and distribute a large volume of sensor data and benefit from distributed computing to make information integrated and available to other desired embedded systems. You will see a live demonstration with real code samples where devices automatically exchange data, in real time. The Internet of Things delivers the data, and we empower you to manage and distribute it!

ITTIA also shares how:
      • Sensors and devices gather, analyze and share IoT data
      • Database improves device scalability, data integrity and data distribution
      • Device high availability offers continuous operation and uptime
      • NXP® i.MX and Layerscape processor families host data locally and accelerate distributed computing
      • ITTIA DB SQL empowers developers with the ultimate solution for device data processing and distribution
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