Python for IoT Edge Devices

Python for IoT Edge Devices

As embedded devices continue to evolve with an ever increasing range of challenges, having an easy to use programming language like Python, with a rich set of existing modules available, and useful development tools can be absolutely invaluable - improving productivity, effectiveness and time-to-market of your connected products.

In this joint webinar from Toradex and Doulos, you will learn how to use Python for IoT Edge Device applications, including the use of Python to access input & output (IO) devices, edge device to cloud-connectivity, local storage of edge parameters and hosting of a machine learning model.

The key highlights include:

The content of the webinar will be demonstrated using the Torizon Open-Source Software Platform from Toradex.

Note: The video recording of the webinar will be made available here shortly.

日期: Jul 31, 2020
选择语言: English
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