Cutting-edge Ophthalmology Surgery System

Founded in 2014, This AG is a pioneering Swiss company that excels in the development, manufacture, and distribution of cutting-edge medical technology systems tailored for ophthalmology applications. Breaking free from conventional boundaries, they have developed a revolutionary design that combines numerous ideas and solutions that are unique in their implementation and effective.


Sophi: Swiss Technology Stands for Quality and Precision

This AG collaborated with Toradex to develop Sophi (Swiss Ophthalmology Innovation), a mobile device for eye surgeries that prioritizes quality, mobility, simplicity, and security. Partnering with Toradex reduced costs and accelerated time-to-market for This AG's Sophi. The availability of reference BSP images and well-documented resources allowed their engineering team to focus on core competencies and rely on Toradex's expertise and proven hardware platforms. On-demand support and comprehensive documentation also helped overcome technical challenges.


Medical Class Device IIb (2B).
Fully ISO 13485:2016 and CE certified (MDR 2017/745)

Video-Inlay 2 Display

Sophi allows for real-time communication between the surgeon and the assistant. They can transmit data and images, even assisting with communication. The microscope video's feed is transmitted to a display via Wi-Fi.


Sophi features a stack of wireless communications to enhance the operator's experience. The foot pedal is connected via Bluetooth, and the microscope images are transmitted to the display over Wi-Fi.

Qt GUI technology

This AG used Qt as a GUI technology provider, which, coupled with Toradex BSP layers, simplified the development process and ensured that the hardware resources were used effectively.

The Toradex concept fits perfectly into our MedTech approach and supports our system's philosophy. The Swissness is a part of our product name «Sophi» and, therefore, it was obvious to use products from Switzerland, with Swiss precision and quality.

Roland Winteler

Project Manager & Hardware/Software Engineer, This AG

This AG’s Journey with Toradex

  • Aligning Values: Seeking Precision, Reliability, and a User-Friendly Design

    The engineering team at This AG sought a technology provider that shared their values. They found Toradex's Apalis family of Computer on Modules to be the perfect fit, aligning seamlessly with Sophi's requirements. The modules boast a small form factor, user-friendly design, reliability, and precision.

  • Meeting Requirements for a Powerful HMI

    The decision to choose Toradex was based on its scalable hardware and diverse feature range. Sophi, which improves communication between surgeons and assistants, relies on real-time video transmission to display surgical procedures. Toradex's Apalis iMX6 System on Module was chosen for its robust and efficient capabilities to handle data processing and Human-Machine Interface (HMI), providing doctors with real-time mobile information during surgeries.

  • Overcoming Development Challenges with On-Demand Support and Documentation

    When selecting Toradex, This AG valued the on-demand support and comprehensive documentation. Developing the HMI application required managing complex hardware and software development, and Toradex's design tools, carrier board design guides, and BSP images were invaluable in streamlining development and reducing costs.

The hardware design of the carrier board worked perfectly right from the start, with the help of good examples and great instructions from Toradex.

Roland Winteler

Project Manager & Hardware/Software Engineer, This AG

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Low-End Starter Kit

  • Up to four Cortex-A53 1.4 GHz processors
  • Cortex-M4F processor with speeds up to 400 MHz
  • TI AM62X applications processor
  • Dual-Band 2.4/5 GHz 1x1 Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) + Bluetooth 5.2
  • Torizon IoT Platform: Linux OS Maintenance, Remote Software Updates & Device Management
  • Linux Support included
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Modern All-Purpose Starter Kit

  • Free Torizon Cloud with OTA and Developer Tool integration
  • Several Display interfaces LVDS/DSI/HDMI
  • Inline ECC Memory for high reliability
  • Machine Learning Accelerator and Camera Interfaces
  • Compact and Cost-effective
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High-Performance Advanced Functional Safety Features

  • Free Torizon Cloud with OTA and Developer Tool integration
  • Highest CPU and GPU performance
  • Integrated Microcontroller for Safety or Realtime
  • Also Available with QNX
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High-End HMI With Wi-Fi Starter Kit

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Maivin - Modular full-stack AI Vision System Kit

  • Full Stack Solutions
  • Torizon Cloud with Linux OS, OTA, and Device Monitoring
  • DeepView™ and eIQ Portal™ Machine Learning Integration
  • NXP® i.MX 8M Plus Applications Processor with NPU
  • Modular, compact design suitable for field deployment
  • Camera Sensor
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