NXP® i.MX 8X Computer on Module

Apalis iMX8X

  • Up to 4x Arm® Cortex-A35 cores and 1x Cortex-M4 core
  • NXP® i.MX 8QuadXPlus (i.MX 8QXP), i.MX 8DualXPlus (i.MX 8DXP)
  • DDR3L RAM with ECC option
  • On-board dual-band 802.11ac 2x2 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5
  • Free OTA Update Solution
  • Linux OS Support included
Apalis iMX8QXP
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • yocto
  • Torizon
  • Linux


Power efficiency

Up to four Cortex-A35 applications cores — the most power-efficient application Arm processor to support 32- and 64-bit code execution.

Advanced safety

ECC (Error Correction Code) DDR RAM and CPU caches increase the reliability and lower the risk of bit errors. This leads to a more reliable system and helps to meet the industrial Safety Integrity Level (SIL) certification for critical industrial applications, such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Advanced security

Support for hardware virtualization, Secure Boot, and the latest cryptography ensures that you can build a safe and secure system. The i.MX 8X SoCs are based on an advanced 28 nm FDSOI silicon process to increase MTBF and decrease soft error rates.

Hard real-time-ready

The heterogeneous multicore architecture allows the offloading of critical hard real-time tasks to the Cortex M4 or M7 processors for extremely low latency. Toradex provides tooling and FreeRTOS to simplify development. You can also use the asymmetric multicore architecture for a connected low power mode or to increase security.

High-performance, pre-certified Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Simplify your design with pre-certified wireless options, counting from the module to the antennas, to increase the predictability of end-device certification processes while enabling significant cost savings. The latest 802.11ac standard and support for multi-antenna setups contribute to a great out-of-the-box end-user experience. These are paired with Bluetooth 5 support to offer state-of-the-art integration for Bluetooth devices.

Rugged and Reliable

Each module comes with environmental test reports for vibration and EMI/EMC to give you peace of mind. These modules are built with highly reliable eMMC flash memory, and tools like the Toradex Flash Analytics tool allow you to monitor flash wear in a simple manner.

Toradex Apalis Computer Module Family

The Apalis iMX8X is pin-compatible with the other CoMs in the Apalis family. This allows existing Apalis-based products to easily scale and migrate to the new Apalis iMX8X. All of Toradex's Apalis Carrier Boards are compatible with the Apalis iMX8X. Extensive product documentation, developer support, service partners and third-party carrier boards build our strong Apalis ecosystem.

Operating Systems

Toradex offers free support and maintenance for embedded Linux and FreeRTOS on the NXP i.MX 8X-based Apalis iMX8X SoMs. This allows system designers to focus on the application only, instead of focusing also on the OS and low-level device drivers. Other OSs, such as Android and QNX, are supported by our partners.


Android on Apalis iMX8X is supported by our service partners.


QNX is a microkernel-based OS primarily targeting safety-critical embedded systems. An evaluation image is provided for Apalis iMX8X directly from BlackBerry/QNX.


To get your product to market fast, with low risk and low engineering costs, you need more than just a System on Module with a stable operating system or BSP. We understand this, which is why we at Toradex are collaborating with a wide range of partners to make your life easier. Here are a few highlights. To find more, browse our Developer Page and take a look at our Partner Network.

Toradex Easy Installer

Toradex Easy Installer allows you to install an OS in one click. It comes preinstalled from the factory, so all you need to do is turn on your on Apalis iMX8X and choose an OS!

Learn More

Easy-to-use Rich Graphical User Interfaces

The Apalis iMX8X provides high-performance graphics. Toradex partners closely with leading GUI technology providers to simplify the development process and make sure that hardware resources are utilized effectively.

Qt Framework

Qt is available on Toradex Easy Installer and as Debian containers for Torizon, making it easy to get started with Qt on any embedded device.

Get started with Qt

Crank Storyboard

Crank Storyboard is a GUI design and development tool that lets you rapidly develop high-performance embedded apps. Torizon provides a seamless out-of-the-box experience with Crank Storyboard.

Get started with Crank Storyboard

DiSTI GL Studio

The Apalis iMX8X is ideal for critical applications where safety and reliability are key. These are also the key focus areas for DiSTI’s GL Studio.

Get started with DiSTI GL Studio

Edge Computing

AWS IoT Greengrass

AWS provides a wide range of services to help you build scalable industrial IoT solutions. AWS IoT Greengrass is a key tool that runs directly on the Toradex SoM. Currently AWS, NXP and Toradex collaborate closely.

Get started with AWS SageMaker Neo

Industrial Automation


The Apalis iMX8X is a robust SoM, and its high performance is ideal for demanding industrial automation scenarios. CODESYS allows you to develop easily customized PLCs powered by a proven, long-lived software solution.

Get started with CODESYS on Torizon

Matrikon OPC UA

OPC UA is a standard technology widely used in industrial automation. The stack from Matrikon is a reliable, secure and platform-independent implementation that suits the Apalis iMX8X perfectly. You can integrate it yourself, or leverage the expertise of our partner, BE.services, to outsource integration.

Watch our webinar with BE.services

Carrier Boards

The carrier board provides the necessary signal and power levels to the CoM. It also houses the application-specific connectivity and multimedia interfaces, such as USB, Ethernet, UART and HDMI.

Learn more about SBCs and Carrier Boards

Ixora Carrier Board


Apalis Evaluation Board


Apalis Partner Carrier Boards

Supported Modules
USB 3.0
USB 2.0
Analog Input
Serial ATA
Entire Apalis Family
2x Host
1x Host / 1x OTG
1x (Mini PCIe)
3x RS232
up to 40
1x mSATA
1x 4 Bit (microSD)
Entire Apalis Family
1x Host, 1x OTG
4x Host
2x 1 slot / 1x (Mini PCIe)
2x RS232, 1x RS422/485
up to 135
1x / 1x mSATA (shared)
2x 4 Bit
Entire Apalis Family
up to 1x Host / 1x OTG
up to 4x Host
up to 11x 10/100/1000 MBit
up to 2x (Mini PCIe)
up to 2x I2C
up to 2x SPI
up to 8x RS-232/422/485
up to 4x PWM
up to 16x
up to 4x Analog Input
up to 1x mSATA
up to 1x SD/MMC 4-Bit
Up to 2x
Digital Audio
S/PDIF In / Out
Capacitive Touch Interface
Resistive Touch
Camera Parallel Interface
Camera Serial Interface
Analog Audio Line in
Analog Audio Mic in
Analog Audio Headphone out
1x Dual Channel
1x / 1x
1x (24 Bit)
1x 10 Bit
1x Quad Lane MIPI CSI-2
1x (Stereo)
1x (Mono)
1x (Stereo)
1x Dual Channel
1x (Through DVI-I connector)
7.1 Channel HD Audio Codec (incl. analogue connectors)
1x (Out also on TOSLINK)
1x (24 Bit)
1x 8/10/12 Bit
On Mezzanine
1x (Stereo)
1x (Mono)
1x (Stereo)
1x Dual Channel
1x / 1x
up to 4/5-wire
up to 3 MIPI CSI-2
1x (Stereo)
1x (Mono)
1x (Stereo)
Type Specific Board Connector
USB-to-RS232 Transceiver
RTC on Board
Altium CAE Data Freely Available
Supply Voltage
On-Board Power Supplies
7-27V DC
5V 6A
3.3V 8A
125 x 90 mm
-20° to 85° C
7-27V DC
5V 5A
3.3V 5A
250 x 250 mm
5 - 36V DC
-40° to 85° C
Intended Use
Minimum Product Commitment
For End Products
1-99 : $131.25
100-249 : $126.00
250-499 : $118.15
500-999 : $112.90
>999 : RFQ
For Evaluation/Development
1 : $325.00


Toradex offers off-the-shelf accessories that can be directly used in end products. For a few of these accessories, design files including assembly drawings, schematics and Altium projects are available.
Toradex tests the peripherals listed in its webshop and works directly with vendors of Cameras, Modems, Displays, Sensors, and more, to make the integration with Toradex SoMs as easy as possible.

Learn more on our Developer Center
Apalis Heatsink Type 4
  • Compatible with Apalis iMX8
  • Easily mounted to the Apalis Carrier Boards by means of 4 screws
  • Additional threaded holes available for attaching fan to the carrier board
Apalis Heatsink Fan
  • Compatible with Apalis Evaluation Board and Ixora Carrier Board
Carrier Board Accessory Kit
  • Power Adapter: 12VDC 30W with international plugs
  • Compatible with: Apalis Evaluation Board, Ixora Carrier Board, Colibri Evaluation Board, Iris Carrier Board, Verdin Development Board, Dahlia Carrier Board
PCB Antenna Unictron AA222 MHF4 100mm
  • Cable length: 100mm
  • Frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (dual-band)
  • Manufacturer: Unictron
  • Reference: AA222 (H2B1PD1A1C385L)
Chang Hong DA-2458-02 Dual-Band Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Dipole Antenna RP-SMA
  • Frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (dual-band)
  • Manufacturer: Chang Hong
  • Reference: DA-2458-02
Pigtail Antenna Cable MHF4 to RP-SMA 100mm and 200mm
  • Cable length: 200mm
  • Suitable for outdoor-usage (IP67)


Min. Product Commitment
As per NXP Roadmap
Hardware Roadmap

This roadmap indicates how the product is planned from a Toradex hardware development point of view. This is not a detailed release date representation, but visualization of our internal product development timeline.

* Please note that the Product Version might change before going to Volume Product state without prior notice. Toradex is striving to provide a flawless experience once the product is being declared a Volume Product and therefore the hardware might be updated during the Sample Product phase. For details about the Toradex phase-over policy please refer to the PCN Policy Page.

  • Q3'21
  • Q4'21
  • Q1'22
  • Q2'22
  • Q3'22
0046 Apalis iMX8QXP 2GB WB IT

0053 Apalis iMX8QXP 2GB ECC IT

0054 Apalis iMX8DXP 1GB

  • In Development

  • Early access product

  • Sample Product

  • Volume Product Candidate

  • Volume Product

Embedded Linux Support Status

Ready to use, documented and validated

Working, but documentation or validation missing

Upcoming feature, not tested

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