Colibri VF61 Real-Time demo using a XY Pen Plotter

Montag, 12. Mai 2014

ColibriThe source code as well as documentation of the Colibri VF61 Real-Time demo which Toradex presented at Embedded World 2014 in Nürnberg is now available. This demo controls an XY Pen Plotter using a Colibri VF61In the demo, the VF61 Computer module, with its two cores of ARM® Cortex™-A9, and ARM® Cortex™-M4, is utilised to run an XY pen-plotter. The plotter is controlled by a custom eCos® RTOS based firmware on the Cortex™-M4 core. The user interface is created using Qt, running on Linux, on the Cortex-A5™ core. 

The documentation along with the links to the source code is available on the Toradex developer website.

Take a look at the demo video.

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