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Toradex partners with Microsoft for IoT Workshop


Windows09 June 2016, São Paulo, Brazil: The IoT projections suggest that by the year 2020, we will have around 50 billion "things" connected to the cloud. The current estimate is that we already have about 15 billion "things" connected to the cloud. Sending data to the web is a widespread technology, yet new challenges are emerging as the number of devices is growing exponentially. A few examples of these challenges are: data security, communication standards, and how to extract relevant information from such a large amount of data.

In addition to these emerging technical challenges, the advancement of Internet of Things brings a brand new multidisciplinary challenge. Several teams need to communicate simultaneously in order to turn this IoT scenario into a reality. A few of these teams are: embedded systems developers, electronic engineers, operating system developers, data scientists, backend and frontend developers. The synergy between these teams is critical to the success of IoT. Microsoft recently presented an interesting case wherein the ThyssenKrupp elevators inserted a new business model in the market. See more info here.

Toradex and Microsoft MTC São Paulo are aware of such market changes and have joined forces to create an IoT Workshop. This recurring workshop in Brazil is an engagement in the "hands-on" style wherein participants can experience the development of the IoT scenario; using Toradex’s Azure IoT Certified Colibri VF61, an embedded computer module featuring the NXP® Vybrid System-on-Chip (SoC) with ARM® Cortex®-A5 @ 500MHz. Making use of the embedded Linux and a node.js technology, the participant writes an application which sends the data from an Inertial Sensor to the Azure IoT Sensor Hub.

Once the data is sent to the cloud, the participant learns how to handle it using the Azure Services, namely: Stream Analytics, PowerBI, and even understanding how to use a machine learning application.

Waldemir Cambiucci, head of Microsoft Brazil MTC said, “One of the most important objectives at MTC Brazil is to drive the adoption of platform and technologies from MICROSOFT and its partners for helping companies from different industries to achieve the best combination between innovation and IT optimization. We cannot do that alone, so a partner such as TORADEX is critical for every initiative that we drive locally. This IoT Workshop conducted by MICROSOFT and TORADEX is a good example of our aspiration for helping partners and customers of both companies to understand real IoT scenarios and its impact for their businesses by using a combination of hardware, gateways, module computers to support sensors and a complete cloud platform to consolidate, manage, and visualize the data collected in each IoT scenario”.

Guilherme Fernandes, CEO of Toradex Brasil said, “This is a great opportunity to show both Microsoft’s and our customers how easy it is to create scalable IoT applications using our embedded SoMs which are Azure Certified and the incredible resources Microsoft has developed for IoT under the Azure platform.”

Over the course of next few weeks, we will be publishing a white paper split into three parts which will show you a step by step approach of all the topics covered in the workshop. This will help all the developers to test and experience the true capabilities of Toradex and Azure. The first part is now published and you can read it here.

For more information about this event, please contact your nearest Toradex office.

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