Live development session: IoT Application from the field to the cloud using Toradex Embedded Solutions and Microsoft Azure IoT Platform

Date: September 28, 2016

The advancement of the Internet of Things brings a brand new multidisciplinary challenge. Several teams need to communicate simultaneously in order to turn this IoT scenario into a reality. Sending data to the web is a widespread technology, yet new challenges are emerging as the number of devices is growing exponentially. A few examples of these challenges are: data security, communication standards, and how to extract relevant information from such a large amount of data.

We invite you to view this webinar video, where Toradex along with Microsoft® present a technical demonstration of the development of a robust and scalable IoT solution. The Toradex modules enable the development of embedded platforms that meet the most common requirements for IoT such as low power consumption, long life, compact form factor, 24/7 operation capability, etc. Microsoft Azure in turn, has specific implementations that allow you to manage hundreds of thousands of messages and devices connecting at the same time. The Azure Platform has tools which are already optimized for data warehousing, data mining, presentation of data and machine learning providing all the certification and security, hence freeing you to take on the responsibility for IT infrastructure duties that are not related to your business. Toradex has obtained Azure certification for its Computer on Modules.

In this webinar video, we do a live development session of an IoT application from end to end. Using Toradex’s Colibri iMX7, an embedded computer on module featuring the NXP® i.MX 7 processor, we show you how to write a quick application that communicates with Microsoft Azure sending field data and how to consolidate and present this field data using Microsoft PowerBI. Some of the more detailed steps that are covered:

  • Access the hardware of Colibri iMX7 computer on module through Node.js
  • Encapsulate the data retrieved from the field and send it to the Azure Hub
  • Configure the connection between Toradex Embedded CoMs and Azure IoT Hub
  • Configure Stream Analytics to receive and filter the data
  • Present data in a Dashboard using Microsoft PowerBI
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