Press Release:
Toradex announces Windows Embedded Compact release for Freescale i.MX 6 processor-based platform

Monday, July 20, 2015


Toradex today announced the official release of Windows Embedded Compact for its Freescale® i.MX 6 processor-based Computer on Modules. Support for both Windows Embedded Compact 7 and 2013 is included in this release. Computer on Modules offer many significant advantages over chip-based and SBC-based embedded product development, specifically in terms of the ease of customization, platform scalability, and product longevity. Toradex’s Windows Embedded Compact release for i.MX 6-based modules has many benefits that make it standout from other similar releases offered by other vendors.

Valter Minute, Development Engineer at Toradex, briefly highlights some of the key features of this release. He states, “This is our first beta release, but we have already integrated many of our tools into it, so that customers who are already familiar with Toradex products can immediately be more productive using it. Users can easily configure the image to match their requirements and immediately deploy and test their applications.”

“Similar to our other Windows Embedded Compact 2013 images, Toradex provides the same shell used for previous versions of the operating system, allowing developers to access files and applications in the way they are used to. We provide a single binary image for all our i.MX6-based modules that accounts for four different versions of the System on Chip (SoC) and two form factors to help provide a uniform environment for all of our customers.” he added.

Most of the images’ features can be configured using the registry to maintain compatibility with existing modules based on different architectures. Toradex also plans to port its libraries, featuring a new API recently released on the Vybrid and add support for additional features to unlock the full potential of this powerful SoC.

Toradex will soon be hosting a webinar on the subject. Scheduled for 18 August 2015, the webinar is entitled “Get the Windows Embedded Compact advantage with Toradex CoMs powered by Freescale i.MX 6 and other SoCs”. You can register here for the webinar and choose your convenient timeslot.

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