Don't compromise on GUI development! Easy evaluation on the target device

Date: June 25, 2020

Qt for Device Creation on Toradex Modules
Note: The webinar is held in Japanese.

Have you ever felt that evaluation on the target device is a hassle!?
In order to avoid the complexity of steps involved in the selection and the construction of the environment for evaluation, many people have experienced that starting development with their own boards might result in having to deal with some problems later.

Today's users use smartphones' high-performance, intuitive, and vibrant HMI/GUI on a daily basis, and the demands on HMI/GUI for all products are therefore extremely high. Among them, the ease-of-use of HMI/GUI is an important key to determine the value of a product.

To realize a truly user-friendly HMI/GUI, it is ideal to repeat evaluation on the target device and proceed with development while confirming the performance in a state close to the product version. However, since evaluation using the target device is time-consuming, it is not uncommon to find cases where it is difficult to carry out evaluations and the number of items that must be compromised in development has increased, or where product quality and competitiveness have not been fully drawn out.

With "Boot2Qt", you can easily perform the evaluation on the target device without constructing the evaluation environment just by using the corresponding board. This effectively realizes evaluation in a state close to the product, optimizes development, reduces man-hours, and maximizes product competitiveness.

In this webinar, we use the Toradex Apalis iMX8 SoM, which is one of the most suitable SoMs for development using Qt, as an example, and explain it with a demonstration of Boot2Qt.

This webinar is ideal for those who want to develop HMI/GUI without compromise, who want to optimize the development process, and who are considering target devices for development using Qt.

Key topics
  • Install Qt for Device Creation on iMX8
  • Development challenges and solutions in evaluation
  • Boot2Qt overview
  • Demo: Evaluate on target using Boot2Qt

This webinar is on demand, with subtitles that can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and without earphones.


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