Announcement of Windows Embedded Compact on Colibri i.MX7

Dec 8, 2016 | English
Date Dec 8, 2016
Language English

Toradex is pleased to announce the support of Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (WEC2013) and Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7), on its new Colibri iMX7 a NXP® i.MX 7 processor-based System on Module (SoM).

A preview WinCE OS image is available for download immediately at the Toradex Developer Center

The module is compatible with the complete pin compatible with the Colibri Product Family including SoMs based on NXP i.MX 6, Vybrid and NVIDIA®Tegra SoCs.

NXP’s i.MX 7 is optimized for maximum power efficiency and its single or dual core Arm® Cortex A7 are clocked with up to 1GHz for excellent performance. It features an asynchronous heterogeneous multicore architecture with a Cortex M4 microcontroller core which allows you to offload critical real-time tasks and optimize power, when the A7 is not required.

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