Toradex no longer recommends these SoMs for new designs. Please consider alternative SoMs such as our Colibri iMX6 System on Module or the iMX7 System on Module. You will find our entire product Colibri portfolio listed here.

Ready for takeoff - Marvell XScale® PXA320 with 806MHz

The Colibri PXA320 is a SODIMM-sized computer module which is part of the Colibri family of modules. This product is used worldwide, in many critical applications. It comes with WinCE (Windows Embedded Compact) preinstalled. Its pin-compatibility with other Colibri modules featuring the latest SoCs from NVIDIA® and NXP® make it future-proof.

Colibri PXA320 is based on the Marvell Arm® XScale® PXA320 (Monahans) processor and runs at 806 MHz. The processor's power consumption is optimized using the Intel Wireless Speedstep® Technology.

Besides the internal Flash memory, there are plenty of interfaces available for data storage: USB-Memory Stick, Compact Flash / PCMCIA and SD Card.

Colibri modules provide glueless connectivity to passive and active LCDs with resolutions of up to 1024x768, as well as four and five-wire resistive touch screens. An integrated 16 bit stereo codec allows to play and record audio. Colibri modules can directly connect to a CMOS camera sensor.

In addition, these modules offer 100 MBit Ethernet as well as USB host and USB device functionality.

Pin-compatible with other Colibri modules

The Colibri family of modules are pin-compatible. This allows you to scale performance and price, and easily upgrade easily to the latest SoCs. Toradex WinCE (Windows Embedded Compact) OS and Toradex Software Libraries abstract the Hardware to make transition as easy as possible. To check if your carrier board is ready for your next Colibri module, use our quick and easy Pin-out Designer tool.

Design your own, use Toradex, or third-party Carrier Boards.

Industrial Temperature

Colibri PXA320 IT is a special version which meets the stringent requirement of industrial temperature range (-40 to +85 °C).

Professional development tools

Colibri modules come with a Windows CE operating system pre-installed. Also, state-of-the-art development tools allow easy customization of the system to make it fit specific needs (e.g. LCD settings & timings, integration of customer software and the auto-start option at startup).

Users can, therefore, concentrate on their actual application without going through the hassle of setting up an operating system. Special drivers are delivered by Toradex on request.

Latest Information on the Colibri PXA320

You can find the latest information on Colibri PXA320 at the Toradex Developer Center.

Windows Embedded Compact

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 is supported on Colibri PXAxxx modules. The development and maintenance is carried out in-house by Toradex. WEC allows you to use Microsoft .Net Compact Framework and Visual Studio.

The price of the Colibri PXAxxx modules includes a runtime license for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Core.

For general information about advantages and features, check our Windows Embedded Compact page.

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CPU Details
CPU Name
CPU Type
CPU Clock
L1 Instruction Cache
L1 Data Cache
L2 Cache
USB 2.0
External Bus
Compact Flash
Analog Input
Graphics Controller
2D Acceleration
Resistive Touch
Camera Parallel Interface
Analog Audio Line in
Analog Audio Mic in
Analog Audio Headphone out
Operating System
Windows Embedded CE 6.0
Windows CE 5.0
Included Runtime License
Preinstalled OS
Power Dissipation
Minimum Product Commitment
Colibri PXA320 806MHzColibri PXA320 806MHz
Industrial Temperature (IT)
Marvell® PXA320Marvell® PXA320
Intel XScale® ArmIntel XScale® Arm
806 MHz806 MHz
128MB DDR (32 Bit)128MB DDR (32 Bit)
1GB NAND (8 Bit)1GB NAND (8 Bit)
1x Host (Full Speed)
1x OTG (Full Speed)
1x Host (Full Speed)
1x OTG (Full Speed)
10/100 Mbit10/100 Mbit
16 Bit16 Bit
Up to 93Up to 93
4x (12 Bit)4x (12 Bit)
2x 4 Bit2x 4 Bit
1024 x 768 x 24bpp1024 x 768 x 24bpp
1x (Stereo)1x (Stereo)
1x (Mono)1x (Mono)
1x (Stereo)1x (Stereo)
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 CoreWindows Embedded CE 6.0 Core
Windows CE 5.0Windows CE 5.0
67.6 x 36.7 x 6.2 mm67.6 x 36.7 x 6.2 mm
0° to 70° C-40° to +85° C
0.7 - 1.7 W0.7 - 1.7 W
  Colibri Evaluation BoardOrchid Carrier BoardIris Carrier BoardViola Carrier BoardAster Carrier Board
Colibri Evaluation BoardOrchid Carrier BoardIris Carrier BoardViola Carrier BoardAster Carrier Board
Supported ModulesEntire Colibri FamilyEntire Colibri FamilyEntire Colibri FamilyEntire Colibri FamilyEntire Colibri Family
Compact Flash Card Interface1x
USB 2.04x Host, 1x OTG/Client2x Host (Full Speed)
1x Device (Full Speed)
1x Host / 1x OTG2x Host, 1x Client (Shared)2x Host, 1x Client (Shared) /
2x (High Speed)
1x Device (High Speed)
Ethernet10/100 Mbit10/100 Mbit10/100 Mbit10/100 Mbit10/100 Mbit
External BusUp to 32 Bit
UART2x RS232, 1x RS422/4852x RS232 /
1x RS232
3x RS2323x /
3x TTL
2x TTL, 1x USB-UART /
2x TTL, 1x USB
GPIOup to 158up to 20up to 26up to 35up to 39
Analog Input4x4x4x4x4x
SDIO/SD/MMC1x 4 Bit1x 4 Bit1x 4 Bit (microSD)1x 4 Bit (microSD)1x 4 Bit (SD/MMC) /
1x 4 Bit (Full Size)
CAN1x1x (Available with Colibri VFxx and iMX)1x (Available with Colibri VFxx and iMX)
Input / Output      
LEDs4xup to 3x
LVDS1x Single Channel1x Single Channel /
1x Dual Channel
HDMI1x (Through DVI-I connector)1x (Through DVI-I connector)
VGA1x1x1x (Through DVI-I connector)1x (Shared with RGB)
RGB1x (18 Bit/24 Bit)1x (18 bit)1x (18 bit)1x (18 bit) /
Capacitive TouchAdapter required /
Adapter required
Resistive Touch4/5-wire4-wire4/5-wire4-wire4-wire /
Camera Parallel Interface1x— /
1x /
Analog Audio Line in1x (Stereo)1x (Stereo) /
1x (Stereo)— /
1x (Stereo)
1x (Stereo)
Analog Audio Mic in1x (Mono)1x (Mono)1x (Mono)— /
1x (Mono)
1x (Mono)
Analog Audio Headphone out1x (Stereo)1x (Stereo)1x (Stereo)— /
1x (Stereo)
1x (Stereo)
Type Specific Board ConnectorArduino UNO and Raspberry Pi B+ /
USB-to-RS232 Transceiver1x1x
RTC on Board1x1x1x1x (*Not Assembled) /
1x /
Included AccessoryMating Power Plug (for X33)
24-way FFC 100mm (for X6)
Mating Power Plug (for X5)Mating Power Plug (for X17)
24-way FFC 35mm (for X4)
Altium CAE Data Freely AvailableYesYesYesYes
Supply Voltage7-27V DC7-24V DC6-27V DC5V DC +/- 5%5V DC +/- 5% /
On-Board Power Supplies5V 5A
3.3V 5A
5V 5A
3.3V 5A
5V 5A
3.3V 5A
5V (External)
3.3V 3A
3.3V 3A
Size200 x 200 mm160 x 100 mm100 x 72 mm74 x 74 mm100 x 80 mm
Temperature-30° to +85° C-10° to +70° C
-20° to +85° C /
-40° to 85° C
-40° to +85 °C /
-40° to +85° C
-25° to +85° C
Minimum Product Commitment201920302030

This product is only recommended for Colibri PXA modules.

6 Accessories
  • 1 Fastener bag contains 100 Fasteners
  • 4-Wire Resistive Touch
  • Unified TFT Interface from EDT
  • 250mm FFC cable
  • -20° to 70° C
  • Plug and Play (Linux, macOS X, Windows XP – 10, Windows 10 IoT Core and Windows Compact Embedded 6/7 compatible)
  • BPSK, QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM, DBPSK, DQPSK, and CCK modulation schemes
  • WEP, TKIP, and AES, WPA, WPA2 hardware encryption Schemes
  • Can be setup as a ad-hoc network via peer to peer communications
  • Parallel data output format: 8-Bit Parallel ITU-R BT.656 with external HSync and VSync
  • No external power supply required
  • Compatible with Colibri Evaluation Board and Apalis Evaluation Board
  • Compatible with various Toradex carrier boards
  • Compatible with various Toradex carrier boards