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Fully Open Dual-OS Software Stack for Toradex Vybrid Modules in Partnership with Antmicro.

Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014

Nürnberg, Germany – February 26th, 2014 Toradex is pleased to announce support for Embedded Linux and eCos RTOS on the range of Vybrid™ VFxx modules.

Historically, systems providing a user interface which also require deterministic, real-time response can lead to unacceptable performance trade-offs, complex and risky development and excessive costs. Colibri Vybrid helps overcome these problems by providing a full System-on-Module (SoM) built around a hybrid multi-core architecture.

By supplementing Embedded Linux running on Vybrid's Cortex-A5 core with the open-source eCos RTOS running on a tightly integrated Cortex-M4 core, for the first time a fully open-source BSP is possible for the Vybrid, putting the customer in full control and lowering entry barriers for possible Colibri Vybrid adopters.

With prices starting at 19 Euro, this incredibly cost effective solution smashes through technical and cost barriers, enabling customers to realize an entirely new generation of products with Embedded Linux, leveraging standard technologies for connectivity, data processing and user interfaces. The porting work together with a demo application showing the strengths of the entire software stack as exhibited during Embedded World 2014 was done in partnership between Toradex and Antmicro with the help of the emulation framework Emul8, co-authored by Antmicro. "With an inexpensive module that is both, versatile and easy to adopt, compromise becomes a things of the past." says Leigh Gawne, CTO of Toradex. "A fully open software stack combined with an extremely low price paves the way for adopting Vybrid in areas previously reserved for microcontrollers", adds Michael Gielda, Business Development Manager at Antmicro. 

About Toradex Computer on Modules

The pin-compatible Colibri and Apalis ARM® embedded computer-on-module product families are based on NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 & 3, NXP®/Freescale (Vybrid™ VF50, VF61) and iMX 6, as well as Intel/Marvell® XScale™ (PXA270, PXA300, PXA310, PXA320). Colibri and Apalis modules deliver cost-performance optimized designs. These small form factor modules are highly miniaturized and encapsulate complex computer system on module hardware and software technology for fast and easy embedded product development. Toradex ARM computer modules come with a pre-installed Windows Embedded Compact image, along with the respective runtime license. Linux BSPs are also available.

About eCos

eCos is a free open source real-time operating system intended for embedded applications. The highly configurable nature of eCos allows the operating system to be customized to precise application requirements, delivering the best possible run-time performance and an optimized hardware resource footprint.

Featuring an optional POSIX compatibility layer, eCos enables a concept space and programming style that is familiar to Linux developers. eCos is licensed under GPL with the so-called linking exception, which encourages contributions to the operating system itself while at the same time excludes any user application linked against the eCos kernel from the obligation to be published under GPL. A thriving net community has grown up around the operating system ensuring on-going technical innovation and wide platform support.

About Emul8

Emul8, co-created by Antmicro and its Swedish partner, Real-time Embedded AB, is a framework for virtual development of complex embedded systems using only a PC, without physical embedded hardware. The toolkit lets you emulate a device or network of interconnected devices, design and implement a full, unmodified software stack just as you would do with a physical system, but with ultimate observability, scripting and continuous integration possibilities. Emul8 thus enables a wide range of new systems which can be developed and tested without the need for costly procedures and setups involving physical hardware.

About Toradex

Toradex specializes in embedded computing technology, offering a broad range of highly miniaturized yet powerful pin-compatible embedded Computer on Modules based on ARM® processors complemented by extensive support directly from the engineers. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Horw, Switzerland, the company’s network stretches across the globe with additional offices in the USA, Vietnam, China, India, Brazil and Japan. For more information, visit

About Antmicro

Antmicro Ltd is an embedded technology company whose main focus is providing embedded software development services for emerging technologies and ecosystems. Antmicro designs and creates software from the kernel/driver level upwards, including protocols, data processing, analysis and visualisation, for UNIX-like operating systems like Linux, Android, FreeBSD and RTOS like eCos, FreeRTOS or ConTiki. As a company as well as individually Antmicro is active in open software and hardware, which it considers a strong foundation for transparent, shared development processes based on good practices. To remain at the cutting-edge of embedded systems, Antmicro performs a significant amount of R&D work, and partners with other innovators across the field of embedded systems worldwide. For more information, visit

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