New Release:
V1.4 of the Toradex CE library for Colibri Vybrid and Colibri/Apalis iMX6 modules

Monday, August 17, 2015


We are pleased to announce the V1.4 release of Toradex software libraries for Windows Embedded CE 6, Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013.

Currently, the libraries are available for Colibri VF50 and VF61, as well as for the Colibri iMX6 and Apalis iMX6 computer on modules.

In this release, we have added support for multiple chip select signals on the SPI bus. We also added the iMX6 implementation in several libraries, and the ADC library now uses normalized naming conventions.

Download Information

You can download the Toradex CE libraries here.

Release Notes:

For more detailed information on this release, please refer to Toradex CE Libraries Release Notes.

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