Guest Webinar: Remote UI with Qt for Automation on Arm based edge devices

Date Nov 14, 2018
Speakers Michele Rossi, Product Manager Automation, The Qt Company
Yoann Lopes, Senior Software Engineer, The Qt Company
Stefan Eichenberger, FAE, Toradex
Language English
Remote UI with Qt for Automation on Arm-based edge devices

In the Industrial and Infrastructure automation market, digitalizing a hardware device or a product has become mandatory. Qt provides embedded software teams with the best developer experience in helping reduce risk and time-to-market.

Qt for Automation adds features such as Remote UI, KNX, MQTT, CAN Bus, Mod Bus and OPC UA support. It also allows you to build systems with functional safety in mind, which is a requirement for some industrial automation devices.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how you can extend a local Qt UI with remote Browser access utilizing Qt WebGL. We use a device found in many critical industrial automation applications, a Toradex Colibri System on Module featuring an NXP i.MX 7 SoC.

Key takeaways:

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