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Xnor.ai brings highly-efficient AI to edge devices such as cameras, cars, drones, wearables and IoT devices. The Xnor platform allows product developers to run complex deep learning algorithms - previously restricted to the cloud - locally, on a wide range of devices. This new, highly-scalable approach ensures complete privacy of data, eliminates the need for connectivity, and significantly reduces memory load, and power demands, all delivered at the lowest cost, without compromising accuracy or performance.

Xnor is a venture funded startup, founded on award-winning research conducted at the University of Washington and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Xnor’s industry-leading technology is used by global corporations in aerospace, automotive, retail, photography, and consumer electronics.

Xnor’s patented technology has up-ended traditional AI, resulting in billions of devices and products being AI-optimized - from battery operated cameras, to complex manufacturing machinery, and cars. We help customers and partners add AI functionality to their products, powering a new generation of smart products for existing and new markets.

Services Offered

Software Services

Services: Machine Learning

Region: North America

Operating Systems: Embedded Linux

Xnor.ai provides technology solutions for artificial intelligence and deep learning applications. It has implemented edge AI tasks on resource-constrained and low-power hardware, object-detection models running real-time on three cameras using Toradex’s efficient Apalis iMX8 System on Module (SoM) based on NXP® i.MX 8QuadMax SoC - using Ixora carrier board.

It will also work on much more resource-constrained products such as the Colibri iMX6ULLColibri iMX6, Colibri iMX7 and Colibri iMX8X.

Xnor.ai provides services to help you solve your machine learning problems in a way that it is optimized to run on Toradex SoMs. So many problems which require a high-power PC or NVIDIA TX1 or TX2 Jetson module, can be solved with more cost- and power-effective Hardware.

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Edge AI with Xnor.ai and Toradex Apalis iMX8

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Rao Talasila


936 North 34th St. #400, Seattle 98103, Washington, United States

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