Apalis SoMs & Qt power the fastest electric supercar

With a top speed of 355 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds, there's a reason Rimac's Concept_One has been called the world's first electric supercar.

The Concept_One combines many cutting edge technologies. The Rimac All Wheel Torque Vectoring System (RAWTV) controls each wheel individually 100 times per second, providing unmatched flexibility and grip.

To develop a complex device like automotive IVI from scratch, great documentation and fast support are paramount. With detailed online documentation, provided tools, and professional support directly from Toradex engineers, such a task is greatly simplified.

Ivan Karežić

Senior IVI Hardware Engineer, Rimac Automobili

The high configurability of Toradex Apalis SoMs has repeatedly proven invaluable in developing custom operating systems for our IVI and M2M solutions. With Qt for Device Creation on top, we have managed to develop a highly flexible development platform and deliver a feature-rich user experience.

Tomislav Lugarić

Senior IVI Software Engineer, Rimac Automobili

Premium HMI

The in-vehicle infotainment and instrument panel cluster are built with Apalis System on Modules from Toradex. The powerful 3D GPU on the Apalis allows the beautiful, fluid GUI to run on high-resolution screens. The UI is powered by the popular Qt framework - Toradex and Qt collaborate closely to provide optimal performance and simple integration.

Toradex computer modules take care of navigation, real-time vehicle telemetry, the rear-view camera system, and internet connectivity for system updates, remote control, and live streaming. The Toradex Apalis is a perfect fit for the challenging environment of a supercar with constant vibration and wide temperature variations.

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Starter Kits

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Modernes Universal-Starterkit

  • Kostenlose Torizon-Plattform mit OTA und Developer-Tool-Integration
  • Mehrere Display-Schnittstellen LVDS/DSI/HDMI
  • Inline ECC-Speicher für hohe Zuverlässigkeit
  • Accelerator für maschinelles Lernen und Kameraschnittstellen
  • Kompakt und kosteneffektiv
    396,45 $
    In den Warenkorb

    Leistungsstarke und anspruchsvolle funktionale Sicherheit

    • Kostenlose Torizon-Plattform mit OTA- und Entwickler-Tool-Integration
    • Höchste CPU- und GPU-Leistung
    • Integrierter Mikrocontroller für Sicherheit oder Echtzeit
    • Auch mit QNX erhältlich
      506,40 $
      In den Warenkorb

      High-End-HMI mit Wi-Fi-Starter-Kit

      • Kostenlose Torizon-Plattform mit OTA- und Entwickler-Tool-Integration
      • 10.1” 1280x800 kapazitives Touch-Display
      • High-End Wi-Fi (Doppelantenne 802.11ac)
      • Qt / Crank und Web UI Demos
        743,85 $
        In den Warenkorb

        Maivin - Modulares, KI-basiertes Full-Stack Vision System

        • Full-Stack-Lösungen
        • Torizon-Plattform mit Linux OS, OTA und Geräteüberwachung
        • DeepView und eIQ Machine Learning-Integration (korrekte Darstellung der Trademark-Icons muss geprüft werden)
        • NXP® i.MX 8M Plus Anwendungsprozessor mit NPU
        • Modulares, kompaktes Design, geeignet für den Ausseneinsatz
        • Camera Sensor
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